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The Bracco Group is an Italian multinational active in the healthcare sector with more than 3,300 employees worldwide, which operates in a variety of business areas. Diagnostic imaging, with a large portfolio of products and solutions for X-ray imaging, including computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound and nuclear medicine.

A former employee mentioned, "Bracco is unorganized, and biased. They made promises they did not keep. There was not enough training, if you were not in the chosen group you were not acknowledged."


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Accounts Receivable Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Unorganized, and biased. They made promises they did not keep. There was not enough training, if you were not in the chosen group you were not acknowledged"

Senior Diagnostic Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"I enjoy the call points with this job. However the management and corporate leadership is not good at all."

Manufacturing Management Intern (Former Employee) says

"My managers were very busy men who were almost never in the building, so I was left to my own devices most of the time. Occasionally, one of said six bosses would appear, tell me something they wanted me to do, then disappear for two to three days. Since the little jobs they gave me usually only took an hour, I spent an overwhelming amount of time sitting in my cubicle just waiting to see one of my bosses and rechecking the work I'd done for them, while trying my best not to be called out for being "lazy" by someone else in the office (which was probably more stressful than the job itself). To sum things up, I spent a lot of time waiting to hear from bosses with poor communication.abundant free timeabundant free time"

Director (Former Employee) says

"Years of being an "island' operation to a remote owner in Italy left Bracco USA with a dysfunctional management structure, understaffed QA function, bizarre politics. Never boring."

Sr Project Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Slow phase, long-term projects takes 5-10 years to complete. Functional organization. The hardest part of the job meeting Regulatory Compliance requirements of the project.BonusesDaily travel between two locations"

Sales Rep (Current Employee) says

"Great place to work but too many product supply issues for past few years...customer service nightmare. Privately held company with great atmosphere until recent years."

Senior Tax Analyst (Current Employee) says

"This company is a great company to work for, but work envirnoment and the culture has to change. There is a lack of direction with daily task, and organization of work isn't the best.Great Pay, and Work Life BalanceNo direction or organization"

Clinical Trial Associate - Consultant (Former Employee) says

"•Developed Case Report Forms (CRF) •Order central lab and other study supplies and assisted with completion manuals/forms for shipment of drug to sites •Contacted potential study sites and assisted with investigator meetings •Assisted sites with Investigational Review Board (IRB) submissions by providing study related documents; reviewed Informed Consent Forms (ICF), completed application forms (e.g., central IRB) •Reviewed FDA Form 1572 and other regulatory documents •Communicated with study centers, in-house monitoring, addressed issues, disseminated study trial information when needed (e.g. enrollment graphs, newsletters etc.) •Track IRB approvals and all regulatory documentation required for site start-up.Introduction into Clinical Trials ManagementProjected ended too early"

daisy seferoglou says

"Never got my money!"

Joaquin Borras Blasco says

"Thank you for your interest"

pf says

"too many opportunities sent that do not meet my criteria and honorariums are not market value"

Piera Polidori says

"the electronic system to take the appointment for the interview does not work , After the introduction of the slots it takes to much time to recieve the answers for the individuated slot. I will not partecipe to other interview with this system."

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